UAE Rock Climbing

The definitive guidebook for climbers in the UAE. It actually covers quite a few areas in Oman as well. See Toby's map to determine what's covered.
Author: Toby Foord-Kelcey
Publisher: Red Armada Publishing (1 Jan 2010)
ISBN-10: 0981180507
ISBN-13: 978-0981180502

Locally, you can purchase the guidebook at the Go Sports in Ibn Battuta Mall and the Mall of the Emirates. If you can wait, you can buy it online from Book Depository (free shipping!) or Amazon UK

UAE Rock Climbing updates

Updates and additions to UAE Rock Climbing are available from Toby's website.

Theo Giani's site, with updated topos covering many of the routes he has put up.

Oman Guidebook

Author: Jacob Obenhauser
See these threads: Guidebook, guidebook situation

This site has several (somewhat dated) topos for areas in Oman relatively far from the UAE.


"Real UAE Rock Climbers" Facebook group
As of 2013, the "forum" with the most traffic, but as usual, has a lot of "faff", as they say. Requires administrator approval.

A slightly less trafficked forum.

Was once a good place to ask questions and find partners, but now seems to be declining and poorly maintained (much like this site!). Check out this introduction to climbing in the UAE.

A relatively low traffic forum with an annoying tendency to split up the forum into too many categories. Good luck getting an account if you want to post. However, it does have some useful information, including many topos for areas in Oman.

Blogs and news

Global Climbing (Blogspot)
Global Climbing (Facebook)
Climb The Globe

Commercial outdoor guides

Arabia Outdoors

Muscat Diving and Adventure Center

Global Climbing


Climbers might also be interested in caving (which is a surprisingly excellent hobby around here). MECET (Middle East Caving and Expedition Team) is an informal organization that has trained a few generations of cavers. Check it out.